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01 Aug

JTJB News July 2014

JTJB SEMINAR ON ARRESTING A VESSEL IN SINGAPORE: DISCLOSURE TO THE COURT JTJB’s Senior Partner, Danny Chua, delivered a talk on this topic on 16 July 2014. The seminar topic sparked the interest of many, with the seats being oversubscribed. The talk covered areas such as the requirements of full and frank disclosure and consequences

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15 Jul

Legal Update July 2014

THE BURDEN OF PROOF IN CIVIL CASES        The various “burdens” of proof are:       Legal Burden Of Proof The legal burden of proof means the burden to satisfy the court of the existence of some fact in dispute and is placed on the party who asserts the existence of any fact. This burden does not shift. 

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30 Jun

JTJB News June 2014

JTJB PARTICIPATES IN POSIDONIA 2014 JTJB participated in Posidonia 2014, one of the most prestigious international maritime exhibitions, from 2-6 June, as part of the Singapore Pavilion. The JTJB team was represented by Dato’ Jude P. Benny, Danny Chua, K Murali Pany and Alan Lim from our KL office. JTJB was the only Singapore law

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15 Jun

Legal Update June 2014

SINGAPORE ARBITRATION UPDATE Anti-Suit Injunctions in aid of Arbitration – R1 International Pte Ltd v Lonstroff AG [2014] SGHC 69 An anti-suit injunction is an order by the Court that restrains a party from commencing or continuing with proceedings in a foreign country. In this decision, the Singapore High Court considered the extent of its

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30 May

JTJB News May 2014

JTJB’S SEMINAR AT WARTSILA’S OFFICE Our Partner, John Sze, conducted an in-house seminar for the Wartsila group of companies in Singapore on 22 April 2014. The topics centred on issues arising from contracts, sale of goods as well as negligence and misrepresentation. The seminar was attended by about 30 people, most of whom handle commercial

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15 May

Legal Update May 2014

RECENT DEVELOPMENTS ON THE DOCTRINE OF LEGAL PROFESSIONAL PRIVILEGE  The High Court in Singapore recently considered the doctrine of legal professional privilege in Boey Chun Hian v Singapore Sports Council (Neo Meng Yong, third party) [2013] SGHCR 15 The Facts: A 15 year old child was participating in a life-saving course at Hougang Swimming Complex

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30 Apr

JTJB News April 2014

JTJB SEMINAR ON PRESERVING LEGAL PRIVILEGE Our first seminar of the year kicked off on 28 March 2014 with Partner, Jeevan John, delivering a talk on “Preserving Legal Privilege”. Amongst the attendees were In-house Legal Counsels from ExxonMobil Asia Pacific and Otto Marine Limited. The seminar was held in our office and gave an overview

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15 Apr

Legal Update April 2014

SINGAPORE ARBITRATION UPDATES Joining a party to an existing arbitration – The “Titan Unity” (No 2) [2014] SGHCR 04 This case dealt with the questionof whether the court could order a party to be joined to an arbitration. The Court concluded that the consent of the parties to the existing arbitration and the party seeking

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30 Mar

JTJB News March 2014

JTJB WINE TASTING JTJB hosted a Wine Tasting on 21 March 2014 at our Office. Our guests from various industries including shipping and real estate were treated to a sit-down session led by a wine professional. The evening focused on the wines from the Piedmont region in Italy, home to some of the world’s finest

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15 Mar

Legal Update March 2014

MALAYSIA – LATEST DEVELOPMENT ON SHIPPING AMENDMENT ACTS There are two recent developments which have significant impact on shipping. The first is the coming into force of the 1976 Convention of Limitation of Liability of Maritime Claims as amended by the 1996 Protocol. However, Sabah and Sarawak in East continue to be under the 1957

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