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13 Dec

Q&A with Danny Chua

What was one highlight matter you have worked over the course of the past two years? That would definitely be the Hin Leong/Ocean Tankers matter, where we were appointed by the judicial managers. We are involved in selling off the vessels by the judicial manager but were appointed prior to COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic,

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06 Dec

Law Bites Special – Dec 2021

LAW BITES SPECIAL – DECEMBER 2021 SINGAPORE CHAMBER OF MARITIME ARBITRATION LAUNCHES THE 4TH EDITION OF ITS RULES On 1st December, SCMA released the 4th edition of its rules after having conducted public consultations between 16th June to 31st August 2020. These have culminated in changes thatour firm welcomes wholeheartedly, seeing as that they have

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01 Dec

Maritime disputes and the avenues for resolution

By John Sze, Deputy Managing Partner, JTJB Lawyers It’s no secret that companies across the globe are contending with a myriad of commercial disputes as a consequence of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Intrinsically intertwined with global supply chains, the shipping sector holds no immunity. But disputes are costly by nature and parties may

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01 Dec

Attacked for data: how liable are you?

by K. Murali Pany, Managing Partner, JTJB Lawyers, Singapore In our previous (debut) edition, we wrote about the risks that cybercrime poses to the shipping community and how they can potentially manage those risks. There are many types of cybercrime methods, which will undoubtedly continue to evolve over time. We’ve listed some other modus operandi

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30 Nov

JTJB Law Bites Nov 21 – No Jab, No Job – Singapore Means Business

No Jab, No Job – Singapore Means Business A lot has happened since our last update on regional vaccination standards and measures in August. Notably, Singapore has taken some significant steps to ensure that the country moves towards business normalcy, and that those who have chosen not to be vaccinated bear some responsibility for the

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16 Nov

JTJB Law Bites Nov 21 – Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) in Singapore: An overview of recent initiatives

Introduction With the rising importance of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”), businesses are actively committing to maximising the triple bottom line (i.e. People, Planet, and Profit). A proper management of ESG risks is vital for Singapore businesses to be a successful player in both the Asian and international markets. Recent ESG Related Initiatives Energy intensive

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10 Nov

Settling disputes by mediation in Singapore and Thailand

Aside from arbitration or litigation, the only way for parties to attempt to resolve disputes is through constructive dialogue. Communicating through brokers and taking legal positions through solicitors (correctly or otherwise) frequently run counter to constructive dialogue. Mediation involves the engagement of a qualified third party who may help parties bridge differences. Mediators do not

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29 Oct

JTJB Law Bites Oct 21 – Issuance of Apostilles by the Singapore Academy of Law

Issuance of Apostilles by the Singapore Academy of Law On 18 January 2021, Singapore deposited its instrument of accession to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (“the Apostille Convention”). On 16 September 2021, Singapore’s accession to the Apostille Convention became effective. The Singapore Academy of

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11 Oct

Shaping up the shipping sector: Q&A with K Murali Pany

What are some matters that JTJB has advised on? We have continued to act in the usual spectrum of disputes such as charterparty and cargo disputes, but the bigger ticket matters that we have seen more of recently are the insolvency-related cases. Flowing from that, we have also been busier advising on transactional cases involving

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