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28 Feb

Law Bites – Feb 2022

Tech challenges in Singapore, Thailand shipping sector   Although there is wide recognition that the adoption of tech will bring benefits, there are still significant issues that need to be addressed. Singapore: Maritime cybersecurity During a webinar at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)-Singapore Future of Shipping event earlier this year, industry experts partly attributed the

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16 Feb

Pathway to decarbonisation: the maritime sector’s top considerations

Last year’s COP26 conference has mounted more pressure on the shipping industry to work (quickly) towards net zero carbon emissions. Much has been discussed about how global and regional policies and regulations should evolve to support industry players, the technologies that are available at the time and the challenges that sector players face on their

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05 Feb

“No win, no fee” – Singapore’s new law on CFAs enhances access to justice

Singapore has passed a law that allows lawyers and their clients to enter into Conditional Fee Arrangements (“CFAs“) for certain proceedings such as international and domestic arbitrations, and some proceedings in the Singapore International Commercial Court and related court and mediation proceedings. The Ministry of Law first introduced the amending law – the Legal Profession

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14 Jan

When standard T&Cs lack contractual force

By Kay Yong, Counsel, JTJB Lawyers, Singapore Delivery orders and invoices are ubiquitous commercial documents issued by suppliers in business, the functions of which primarily serve to verify the work done by the supplier and to request payments from customers for goods / services sold. Given the nature of delivery orders and invoices, do standard

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13 Dec

Q&A with Danny Chua

What was one highlight matter you have worked over the course of the past two years? That would definitely be the Hin Leong/Ocean Tankers matter, where we were appointed by the judicial managers. We are involved in selling off the vessels by the judicial manager but were appointed prior to COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic,

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06 Dec

Law Bites Special – Dec 2021

LAW BITES SPECIAL – DECEMBER 2021 SINGAPORE CHAMBER OF MARITIME ARBITRATION LAUNCHES THE 4TH EDITION OF ITS RULES On 1st December, SCMA released the 4th edition of its rules after having conducted public consultations between 16th June to 31st August 2020. These have culminated in changes thatour firm welcomes wholeheartedly, seeing as that they have

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