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01 Mar

JTJB News February 2017

JTJB NEWS January – February Dato’ Jude Benny sits as Conference Chairman at the 3rd Mare Forum Singapore 2017 JTJB Senior Partner, Dato’ Jude Benny was appointed as the Conference Chairman for the 3rd Mare Forum Singapore held on 8th February 2017. In addition to his role as the Conference Chairman, Dato’ Benny also moderated

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01 Feb

JTJB Legal Update January 2017

Landmark Decision on retrospective validation of payments made by an insolvent company Centaurea International Pte Ltd V Citus Trading Pte Ltd [2016] SGHC 264 In a climate where many commercial entities are struggling financially, the recent decision of the Singapore High Court in Centaurea International Pte Ltd v Citus Trading Pte Ltd [2016] SGHC 264

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01 Jan

JTJB News December 2016

JTJB NEWS November – December   Advoc Maritime Seminar JTJB hosted the 4th ADVOC maritime Seminar on the 11 November 2016 at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. JTJB Senior Partner Mr. Danny Chua and Mr. Charles Hattersley of Ashfords LLP spoke about the unique characteristics of Admiralty arrests and anti-suit injunctions in their respective jurisdictions. Captain

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01 Dec

JTJB Legal Update November 2016

  SPOTLIGHT ON JUDICIAL MANAGEMENT – THE REHABILITATION OF SWIBER, SWISSCO, ETC. In July 2016, Technics Oil & Gas and its key subsidiary, Technics Offshore Engineering, filed for judicial management with the High Court of Singapore. (ST, 1 Jun 16) This was followed by Swiber Holdings, a Singapore-listed oilfield services firm with reported net liabilities

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30 Oct

JTJB News October 2016

ADVOC Asia 2016 AGM JTJB Senior Partners, Dato’ Peter Madhavan and Dato’ Jude P Benny, attended ADVOC Asia’s Annual General Meeting in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from the 19th to 23rd of October 2016. The Meeting was hosted by ADVOC’s Brisbane member firm Cooper Grace Ward. ADVOC is a leading international network of independent law firms and highly

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30 Sep


THE REHABILITATION OF HANJIN SHIPPING – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Current Situation Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd (“Hanjin Shipping”), applied for Court Rehabilitation to the Seoul Central District Court (Bankruptcy Division 6). On 1 September 2016 the said Court issued a decision accepting Hanjin’s application, thereby commencing the rehabilitation proceedings (“Rehabilitation”). What is Rehabilitation? Rehabilitation

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31 May

JTJB News May 2016

Three New Network Offices for Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP (JTJB) is pleased to announce that three new offices, in Munich, Hamburg (Germany) and Incheon (South Korea) will be joining the JTJB Network of offices with effect from 1st of June 2016. ENDEMANN.SCHMIDT, with offices in Munich and Hamburg will

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29 Apr

JTJB News April 2016

JTJB SEMINAR ON LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY JTJB Senior Partner, Ms Mabel Tan held a Seminar on the topic “Lasting Power of Attorney” on 21st April 2016, Thursday. Mabel gave an overview of the LPA process and explained the importance and benefits of appointing a trusted individual to manage one’s personal welfare and affairs through

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15 Apr

JTJB Legal Update April 2016

LOOK OUT BEFORE YOUR CROSS! – A COMMENTARY ON ASNAH BTE AB RAHMAN V LI JIANLIN [2016] SGCA 16 An average pedestrian crossing the road has always been taught to look left and right and then left again before crossing the street since young.  We were taught that this rule should apply even if we

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31 Mar

Legal Update March 2016

UK SUPREME COURT HOLDS COMPANY RESPONSIBLE FOR CASHIER’S RED MIST It was a typical day for Mohamud. On the way to a community event, he stops by a petrol station and enters the kiosk. He speaks to the cashier, Amjid Khan, but instead of the expected service-line response, Mohamud is treated to a vitriol laced,

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