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16 Nov

Legal Update November 2015

THE HIGH COURT’S CLARIFICATION ON THE ASSESSMENT OF A PERSON’S ‘LOST YEARS’ (AOD V AOE [2015] SGHC 272) Introduction In the most severe accident cases, a claimant may suffer a shorter life expectancy on top of his / her physical injuries. In such cases, claimants are faced with an unenviable task i.e. to ensure that

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29 Oct

JTJB News October 2015

  JTJB SEMINAR ON BREAKING DOWN THE DISPUTE RESOLUTION CLAUSE JTJB Deputy Managing Partner spoke on the topic “Breaking Down the Dispute Resolution Clause” on Thursday, 22 October 2015. John shared his views on choosing the preferred way to settle disputes. He provided a detailed explanation of the elements making up the clause, the importance

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15 Oct

Legal Update October 2015

DUKKAR S.A V THAILAND INTEGRATED SERVICES PTE LTD [2015] SGHC 234 The Plaintiff applied by way of originating summons, pursuant to Section 12A of the International Arbitration Act, for a Mareva Injunction restraining the Defendant from removing, disposing of, dealing with or diminishing the value of any of its assets in Singapore pending the determination

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30 Sep

JTJB News September 2015

PARAGON SHIPPING JTJB acted for the successful Respondent in the case of Paragon Shipping v Freight Connect heard by the Singapore Court of Appeal. A key issue in the case was the nature and effect of time lost clauses in charterparties. This issue had not been squarely dealt with by the Singapore Courts previously. K

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16 Sep

Legal Update September 2015

FREIGHT CONNECT (S) PTE LTD V PARAGON SHIPPING PTE LTD [2015] SGCA 37 We had previously issued an update on the case of Paragon Shipping Pte Ltd v Freight Connect (S) Pte Ltd [2014] 4 SLR 574. The facts of the case were that the Defendant sub-charterers had chartered a vessel from the Plaintiffs for

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28 Aug

JTJB News August 2015

JOSEPH TAN JUDE BENNY LLP APPOINTED BY TWO MYANMAR STATE OWNED ENTITIES JTJB Senior Partner, Dato’ Jude P Benny with Captain Than Tun CEO of Myanmar National Airlines at the launch of the 737-800 UB 1 at the ION Sky Lounge. JTJB Partner and Head, Corporate Department, Ms. Florence Goh with Captain Than Tun CEO

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14 Aug

Legal Update August 2015

ENTITLEMENT TO RELIEF BY WAY OF INTERPLEADER: PRECIOUS SHIPPING PUBLIC COMPANY LTD AND OTHERS V O.W. BUNKER FAR EAST (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD AND OTHERS AND OTHER MATTERS [2015] SGHC 187 Introduction In the fallout that ensued from the announcement that O.W. Bunker & Trading A/S had filed for bankruptcy protection, physical bunker suppliers attempted to

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31 Jul

JTJB News July 2015

SCCA LUNCHTIME SEMINAR ON COMPANIES ACT DEVELOPMENTS JTJB Corporate Partner, Ms. Florence Goh, gave a talk on 3rd July 2015 at the SCCA Lunchtime Seminar on Amendments to the Companies Act. The talk focused on various key amendments to the Act and ended off with an interactive discussion on the main issues attendees might face

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16 Jul

Legal Update July 2015

THE LIMITED RIGHT OF CHALLENGE TO ARBITRAL AWARDS Under the International Arbitration Act (Cap 143A), parties may apply to the Courts to set aside arbitral awards in certain situations. Despite so, the case of AKN v ALC [2015] 4 SLR 488 has helpfully reiterated Singapore’s pro-arbitration stance, where the Singapore Courts will only set aside arbitral awards

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30 Jun

JTJB News June 2015

JTJB EASTERN MARITIME SEMINAR 2015 JTJB held its Eastern Maritime Seminar on Thursday 18th June 2015. The JTJB Eastern Maritime Seminar is part of an inaugural event consisting of a series of 2 Seminars organized by the firm for companies in the Eastern and Western offshore and maritime hubs of Singapore. JTJB’s Deputy Managing Partner,

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