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28 Feb

Law Bites – Feb 2022

Tech challenges in Singapore, Thailand shipping sector   Although there is wide recognition that the adoption of tech will bring benefits, there are still significant issues that need to be addressed. Singapore: Maritime cybersecurity During a webinar at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)-Singapore Future of Shipping event earlier this year, industry experts partly attributed the

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08 Mar

JTJB News February 2019

JTJB Breakfast Seminar: Commodities Outlook for 2019 Steel & Base Metals JTJB Partner Baldev Bhinder hosted this seminar on 1 February 2019 with guest speaker Hongmei Li from Mysteel. Ms Li provided an overview of the market trends for steel and base metals for 2018 as well as her analysis for the factors that will

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08 Jan

JTJB NEWS (Special Edition) January 2019

FOUR LAWYERS FROM JTJB RECEIVE SENIOR MARITIME SPECIALIST ACCREDITATION   JTJB got off to a great start in 2019 when three of its Maritime & Shipping Law Partners, K Murali Pany, John Sze and Danny Chua, as well as the firm’s co-founder and Consultant, Dato’ Jude Benny, were accredited as Senior Maritime and Shipping Law

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JTJB Network Legal Update July 2017

Environmental issues trump economic growth The protection of a unique sweet water fennel plant prevails over further port development Germany’s biggest port desperately needs further deepening to adapt to the draught and tonnage of growing sea-going vessels, allowing Hamburg to keep up with competition from other ports. However, the Federal Administrative Court of Germany found

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01 Apr

JTJB Legal Update March 2017

  SPOTLIGHT: INTRODUCTION OF A BUY-OUT MECHANISM FOR SHAREHOLDERS IN AN APPLICATION FOR WINDING UP To disgruntled shareholders: what options are available to you when your relationship with other shareholders have irretrievably broken down and an exit is most practical? The Singapore Companies Act (Cap. 50) (“CA”) contains two main statutory exit mechanisms – s216

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31 May

JTJB News May 2016

Three New Network Offices for Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP (JTJB) is pleased to announce that three new offices, in Munich, Hamburg (Germany) and Incheon (South Korea) will be joining the JTJB Network of offices with effect from 1st of June 2016. ENDEMANN.SCHMIDT, with offices in Munich and Hamburg will

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29 Apr

JTJB News April 2016

JTJB SEMINAR ON LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY JTJB Senior Partner, Ms Mabel Tan held a Seminar on the topic “Lasting Power of Attorney” on 21st April 2016, Thursday. Mabel gave an overview of the LPA process and explained the importance and benefits of appointing a trusted individual to manage one’s personal welfare and affairs through

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15 Apr

JTJB Legal Update April 2016

LOOK OUT BEFORE YOUR CROSS! – A COMMENTARY ON ASNAH BTE AB RAHMAN V LI JIANLIN [2016] SGCA 16 An average pedestrian crossing the road has always been taught to look left and right and then left again before crossing the street since young.  We were taught that this rule should apply even if we

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31 Mar

Legal Update March 2016

UK SUPREME COURT HOLDS COMPANY RESPONSIBLE FOR CASHIER’S RED MIST It was a typical day for Mohamud. On the way to a community event, he stops by a petrol station and enters the kiosk. He speaks to the cashier, Amjid Khan, but instead of the expected service-line response, Mohamud is treated to a vitriol laced,

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29 Feb

JTJB News February 2016

  JTJB ACTED FOR MYANMAR NATIONAL AIRLINES’ (MNA) RECENT AIRCRAFT ACQUISITION Myanmar’s National Flag Carrier, Myanmar National Airlines (MNA), celebrated New Year’s Eve with the delivery of their second ATR 72-600 acquired from AVIONS DE TRANSPORT REGIONAL (“ATR”). MSN 1309 was the 88th aircraft manufactured by ATR for the year 2015 and the last aircraft

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