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17 May

Law Bites – May 2022

Overview Of Legal Developments In Singapore’s Data Protection Landscape   Data protection officers and in-house legal counsel responsible for their organization’s compliance with personal data protection laws have key roles to play in this digital age which has drastically increased the ways in which organizations collect and use personal data. Personal data protection framework Personal

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27 Apr

Green shipping: Turning data into meaningful action

JTJB talks to Terry Seetoh, Head of APAC & Oceania at Adnavem, on how technology can help in the quest to decarbonise maritime transport. The decarbonisation journey needs a multi-pronged approach – P&I Clubs, ship owners and operators, ports and terminals, charterers, brokers and global governments need to work together to build a sustainable and conducive

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25 Apr

The Russia – Ukraine conflict: How to manage your risks?

The Russia – Ukraine conflict has dealt another blow to a sector that had already been suffering significant volatility due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Vessels have been attacked and held hostage, sanctions on Russia have halted business dealings and the act of trying to extract Russian entities from global supply chains have proved challenging. “The

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20 Apr

Singapore Maritime Week – “The Changing Nature of Maritime Risks”

Our Deputy Managing Partner, John Sze moderated a panel discussion on “The Changing Nature of Maritime Risks” at the inaugural Maritime Services Leaders Forum during Singapore Maritime Week. The distinguished panellists comprised of Nick Shaw, Chief Executive Officer at the International Group of P&I Clubs, Richard Turner, the President of the Union of Marine Insurance UK, Paul Hackett,

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19 Apr

Law Bites – April 2022

Sanctions on Russia: Measures that Singapore businesses should adopt   It has been several months since sanctions were imposed against Russia. At this point, many companies find themselves having to deal with the disruptions caused to their supply chain and are assessing the impact of the sanctions on their customers and contractual obligations. Nevertheless, companies

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12 Apr

Singapore Maritime Week Special Update

JTJB took part in the recently concluded Singapore Maritime Week (SMW), an annual gathering of the international maritime community in Singapore. This year’s theme is Transformation for Growth, where it expands on the momentum built up by the industry in taking key steps towards digitalisation, while tackling the urgent issue of climate change. SCMA: The

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30 Mar

Law Bites – March 2022

4 Ways Companies Can Better Position Themselves In Light Of The New Rules Of Court 2021   It is not often that the Rules of Court are changed. For those fortunate enough to have never been involved in legal proceedings, the Rules of Court are essentially the rules that govern all court proceedings in Singapore.

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14 Mar

Law Bites – March 2022

Sanctioning Russia, what it means for Singapore firms?   Singapore imposed sanctions against Russia unilaterally notwithstanding the absence of any binding UN Security Council decision. The last time Singapore acted on its own in imposing sanctions was in 1978, when Vietnam invaded Cambodia. We wrote a Newsflash on this when the global sanctions against Russia

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03 Mar

Newsflash – March 2022

Sanctions imposed on Russia   News on the situation in Ukraine are dominating the headlines worldwide. Sanctions have been imposed on Russia by mainly the EU, UK and the US as a sign of disapproval and to advance the goal of conflict resolution. We set out below the key developments in the sanctions space for

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