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Regulatory & Compliance

Singapore Introduces New Bill to Purge Harmful Content: What It Means for Social Platforms?

Singapore has introduced a new bill called the Online Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill, which aims to hold online content and communication platforms accountable for egregious or harmful content disseminated to users in Singapore.

To be added to the existing Broadcasting Act, which regulates the dealings, operation of and ownership in broadcasting services in Singapore, the measures aim to:

Provide a safe online environment for Singapore users; promote responsible online behaviour; deter objectionable online activity; prevent access to harmful content; and place priority on the protection of Singapore users, in particular young children.…
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New Code of Practice Setting Out Top Management’s Workplace Safety and Health Responsibilities

The Ministry of Manpower has recently launched a workplace safety code of practice for company management (the “Code of Practice”). The Code of Practice is targeted at the top management of the company (i.e. the chief executive and company directors) as they have the influence and control over budgets, priorities and training for workplace safety and health.…

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