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Our Corporate & Commercial Practice

Our Corporate & Commercial Practice consists of experienced legal practitioners dedicated to supporting our clients throughout their business lifecycle. We provide a full range of transactional services.

Incorporations / Investments / Mergers and Acquisitions

We are equipped to provide a holistic package of legal services that companies in this space may require.

We have been engaged to set up and incorporate branch/subsidiary company offices in Singapore and in neighbouring countries. We act on incorporation-related documents, including bespoke Constitutions, joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, and officer / employment agreements.

Our lawyers have experience in the acquisition / disposal of shares and assets in companies. This includes advising on initial M&A “courting” proceedings, acting in the conduct of due diligence, negotiating and concluding sale and purchase and transaction documentation (including for listed companies).

Our expertise further extends to advising start-ups on early-stage investment financing structures as well as preparing bespoke transactional documents for funding rounds. We are able to advise on legal regulatory issues surrounding novel businesses commonly faced by start-ups, as part of our integrated offerings.

International Trade / Transactions

We are well placed to assist with the review, negotiation and drafting of all manner of complex international trade and transactional documents.

Our lawyers have advised on, negotiated and drafted commodities trade / sale and purchase agreements (including palm oil, coal, oil and petroleum products, metals, pulses and grains, spices, wood pellets), offtake agreements, distributorship, franchising and agency agreements, manufacturing and tolling agreements and construction agreements, as well as all related aspects involved in international trade such as trade finance, cargo insurance and contracts of carriage.

Banking and Finance / Fintech

Our lawyers have considerable expertise acting for financial institutions in Singapore and internationally, particularly with merchant and trade banks and in the trade and asset financing space. We are familiar with specialty financing such as syndicated and project financing, ship financing, receivables financing and real estate financing. We also advise and act on ISDAs, securitisations as well as all manner of security typically granted for facilities, including debentures, mortgages / fixed and floating charges / pledges, assignments, guarantees / SBLCs.

Our lawyers have been cited in legal publications as being “experienced” and “solution-oriented” and have been instructed by banks / financial institutions and involved in transactions in multiple jurisdictions including Singapore, Hong Kong (HKSAR), Malaysia, India, UAE, UK, EU, South Korea and Japan.

Our clientele also includes Fintech companies. Our work ranges from advising clients on the feasibility of their initial coin offering (ICO) business models, reviewing their respective White Papers, preparing legal opinions on the uses of the respective tokens for submission to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), investors and the relevant exchanges, as well as advising on crypto regulation and/or licensing requirements based on our client’s business model.

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