JTJB News April 2014


Our first seminar of the year kicked off on 28 March 2014 with Partner, Jeevan John, delivering a talk on “Preserving Legal Privilege”. Amongst the attendees were In-house Legal Counsels from ExxonMobil Asia Pacific and Otto Marine Limited.

The seminar was held in our office and gave an overview on the principles governing the law of LPP (legal professional privilege) and discussed the recent amendments to the Evidence Act (Cap 97) as well as the recent decision of the High Court in Boey Chun Hian v Singapore Sports Council (Neo Meng Yong, third party) [2013] SGHCR 15.

Practical steps that can be taken to preserve LPP were also discussed in the highly engaging seminar.

The informative and insightful session was a great success and participants responded actively in the Q&A session, appreciating the variety of insights they could take away from the seminar.

Dato` Jude P Benny chaired an international panel of speakers in the recent Asian Maritime and Arbitration Conference.

The Conference entitled “The Life Cycle of a Ship: Navigating the Perils” was held in the Supreme Court of Singapore.

Dato` Benny conducted the first session on “Arbitration Agreements & Jurisdiction of the Tribunal”.

The session explored issues associated with poorly drafted arbitration clauses and their impact on the tribunal’s jurisdiction.