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JTJB Seminar On Protecting Your Company’s Data: Legal & Technical Measures

JTJB’s first Seminar of 2015 was conducted on Thursday 26th February 2015 by JTJB’s new Head of Corporate Compliance and Data Protection, KK Lim on the topic, “Protecting Your Company’s Data: Legal & Technical Measures”.

Mr. Shaun Lee from Stone Forest IT Pte Ltd was invited as a guest speaker to provide a technical presentation on the practical steps involved in protecting a Company’s personal data.

The attendees participated actively in the Q&A session and explored the various precautions and alternatives available to better enhance their company’s data protection.

KK joined JTJB in January 2015 to start up and head the Firm’s new practice area of corporate compliance and data protection. For more information or assistance in this area of practice, please contact KK at kklim@jtjb.com.

JTJB Updates

1ST Mare Forum Singapore 2015

President of the Mare Forum, Mr. Jannis Kostoulas together with JTJB Senior Partner, Dato’ Jude P. Benny opened the 1st Mare Forum held in Singapore on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 at the Hilton Hotel.

Dato’ Jude P. Benny was also a panellist in a discussion on “Singapore and the World – Geopolitical and Economical Considerations” and chaired a panel discussion on “The Singaporean Maritime Cluster in Perspective”.

The Mare Forum is widely considered as a leading and influential global forum for the maritime and shipping industry. The 1st Mare Forum in Singapore brought together leaders from local, regional and international marine, shipping and offshore industries.

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