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Singapore Maritime Week – “The Changing Nature of Maritime Risks”

Our Deputy Managing Partner, John Sze moderated a panel discussion on “The Changing Nature of Maritime Risks” at the inaugural Maritime Services Leaders Forum during Singapore Maritime Week. The distinguished panellists comprised of Nick Shaw, Chief Executive Officer at the International Group of P&I Clubs, Richard Turner, the President of the Union of Marine Insurance UK, Paul Hackett, Joint Head of Marine at Canopius Singapore, and Jonathan Holmes, Head of Hull, Asia at AXA Singapore.…

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Workplace Fairness Legislation – Key Recommendations From The Tripartite Committee on Workplace Fairness

Singapore Maritime Week Special Update

JTJB took part in the recently concluded Singapore Maritime Week (SMW), an annual gathering of the international maritime community in Singapore. This year’s theme is Transformation for Growth, where it expands on the momentum built up by the industry in taking key steps towards digitalisation, while tackling the urgent issue of climate change.…

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Tech Challenges In Singapore, Thailand Shipping Sector

Law Bites – Feb 2022

Although there is wide recognition that the adoption of tech will bring benefits, there are still significant issues that need to be addressed.

Singapore: Maritime cybersecurity

During a webinar at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)-Singapore Future of Shipping event earlier this year, industry experts partly attributed the slow progress to adopting technology to a “lack of trust” – a mentality that sharing data widely would mean losing an industry edge to competitors.…

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Pathway To Decarbonisation: The Maritime Sector’s Top Considerations

Last year’s COP26 conference has mounted more pressure on the shipping industry to work (quickly) towards net zero carbon emissions.

Much has been discussed about how global and regional policies and regulations should evolve to support industry players, the technologies that are available at the time and the challenges that sector players face on their journey, but while basic guidelines are provided by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), there has been little progress on the concrete methods that can help industry participants achieve the desired decarbonisation targets.…

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