JTJB News February 2014


JTJB recently participated in a Global M&A Seminar held at the Grange St Paul Hotel in London. Participants from various jurisdictions from Advoc’s network of over 60 countries were present.

M&A professionals gave valuable insights on various aspects of business law in their respective jurisdictions.

(From left, Dato’ Benny and Simon Rous of Ashfords)

The conference provided a unique opportunity and platform for participants to hear at one go information from leading practitioners that covered Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.

Our Senior Partner, Dato’ Jude P Benny, spoke on behalf on both the Singapore and Myanmar jurisdictions. Dato’ Benny also touched on the proper etiquette needed when applying for investment approval in Myanmar.

JTJB’s Myanmar office has strong expertise in providing inward investment advice and also on other areas of business law. For more information, please visit our Myanmar office website at http://www.jtjb-myanmar.com/

You may also contact Ms Su Su Myat, Director of JTJB Myanmar Co Ltd at susu@jtjb.com