JTJB Writes The Admiralty Practice Chapter of Atkins Court Forms Singapore

The first ever Admirlty Practice chapter XLVII of the Singapore version of the Atkins Court Forms will be launched in September 2007. This is the 1st edition of the Admiralty Practice chapter in Atkins Court Forms Singapore. Co-written by Managing Partner Dato’ Jude P Benny, Senior Partner Danny Chua, and two Associates Mr. John Sze and Ms. Sue Ann Gan, this will cover a comprehensive set of maritime law and precedents.

Admiralty Practice will encompass various aspects of admiralty law, including the admiralty jurisdiction of the Singapore courts, arrest of vessels, limitation of actions and references to the registrar. In particular, there will be commentary on Mareva injunctions and Mare del Nord orders, which are becoming more and more common in Singapore. There will also be a wide range of pleadings, e.g. statement of claim and defence for almost every cause of action falling with the admiralty jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

While JTJB welcome the prospect of being able to contribute to Atkins Court Forms Singapore, we hope that Admiralty Practice will serve as a good guide for maritime law practitioners, who are constantly in a practice environment where efficient and accurate preparation of legal documents is key.

Finally, a word of gratitude. This project was carried out in the manner we alwaysbelieved in, that is, working as a team. We thank those who have contributed to or assisted in the preparation of this chapter, and without whom this project would not have been possible

Dato’ Jude P Benny
LLB (Hons), Queen Mary College, University of London
Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple
Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore
Managing Partner, Messrs Joseph Tan Jude Benny

Danny Chua
BA (Hons), Law
Barrister-at-Law, Gray’s Inn
Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore
Senior Partner, Head Shipping & Litigation
Messrs Joseph Tan Jude Benny

John Sze
LLB (Hons), National University of Singapore
Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore
Associate, Messrs Joseph Tan Jude Benny

Sue Ann Gan
LLB (Hons), University of Leicester
LLM (Maritime Law), University College London
Advocate and Solicitor, Singapore
Associate, Messrs Joseph Tan Jude Benny